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UCapital is a financial and technology group on a global scale. It operates in asset management, trading, and investment banking. The group is composed of several business organizations, including UCapital24, an innovative social media fintech

With offices in New York, London and Milan, we are present in the most important financial centers of the world. 

We are listed on the Milan and Paris stock exchanges.

Our fintech nature drives us to constantly innovate and act on the markets in the most optimal way by taking advantage of all the best opportunities.
We strongly believe in the value of people and their know-how.
We work with the best talents within our ecosystem who can enhance their full potential both personally and professionally. 

UCapital Investment, the group’s prop trading company, provides the capital, proprietary technology, training, coaching and mentoring needed to become an elite trader.

We select and train the best talents with whom to manage the proprietary trading business.

With a serious and professional path, we train aspiring traders with an interest in managing our capital. We aim to create the right conditions for all brilliant minds. 

We have different ways according to different needs: from training for beginners, to the opportunity to access our challenges and trade remotely and join one of our trading rooms.

Financial Ecosystem

Fintech group of companies

Global Community

The world's largest and most innovative fintech social media

Asset Management

€400 million in assets under management

Proprietary Trading

We invest our money with our best traders


Environmental care is the most profitable investment.

UCapital was born in 2017 from the idea of Gianmaria Feleppa who pursued his dream of creating a new concept of financial accessibility. 

The idea of a democratized financial world prompted him to found UCapital24: the first global financial network that counts thousands of users from all around the world.

UCapital24 is the focal point of the entire UCapital ecosystem. UCapital24 is a new social media with fintech solutions for business users. It’s global and free for everyone. With UCapital24 you can open the door to the next level of digital economy.

Our mission here is to create the perfect environment to train new talented traders and offer their skills, knowledge and experience to our client portfolio.

UCapital is trusted by 500+ thousand users in 75+ countries

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Why Choose Us

An investment that takes you to great heights

Trusted by Traders

We want to ensure the success of new traders. Only if you gain, we gain too.

Learn with Confidence

At UCapital we offer challenges with achievable and realistic goals. However, we imposed some rules that must be observed as we aim to find professional and disciplined traders to hire. ​

Trade with the Best Technology

We provide the best fintech platform to our traders to make profits in the market.

Start To Invest And Earn More

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